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Paint 3.36 - a minor suggestion or 2...

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I have tried several "free" paint programs, but many of them like "GIMP" have disjointed interfaces with multiple forms all over the screen and were very confusing... as well as the drawing area was frankly too small!

- GIMP got deleted in less than 5 minute due to these very annoying issues.

Paint 3.36 has a lot of nice features, but there are 2 things that are very annoying to me:

1. The "Tool", "History", "Layers", and "Colors" boxes can cover up a Large Image while it is being edited.

2. Images (or zoomed into images) that are larger than the editable area on the screen have scroll bars behind the "Tool", "History", "Layers", and "Color" boxes.

In my humble opinion, It would look nicer if the interface allowed these items to be shown integrated into the interface similar to how it is done in MS-Paint, Paint Shop Pro, etc so that they don't interfere with drawing or editing an image. In other words, have the 4 Tool items outside of the drawing area of the screen.

Overall, the interface and features are top notch.

This software developer of over 30 years knows how much effort is required in a project with the rich features that you have included in this fine paint program.

Keep up the excellent work on this project.


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