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Use @BoltBait's Object Inner Shadow. Find it here : https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/11514-selection-tools-feather-outline-bevel-shadow-upd-2015-01-31/



You can also use Bevel Selection from the same pack if you want a little highlighting on the South East corners. Inner Shadow won't produce these highlights, just the shadow.

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Inner Shadow and Bevel Selection that @Ego Eram Reputo mentions above are ideal for this sort of effect. The same goes for Bevel Object, also in the same pack.

Embossing and "debossing" (engraving) done also without plugins, as I have learned from reading tutorials on this forum. 


To engrave without plugins:

1. Open / import your background image. 

2. On a new layer, type your text in white.

3. Duplicate the white text layer and Invert Color (Ctrl+Shift+I) to make it black text.

4. Select the Magic Wand tool, set it in Global Mode, click anywhere on the black text to select all the text.

5. Activate the background layer and copy the selection (Ctrl+C).

6. Paste the selection in a new layer (Ctrl+Shift+V). Move this layer to the top.

7. Activate the black text layer, Select All (Ctrl+A), select the Move Tool (M), press the left arrow once or twice, then press the up arrow once or twice.

8. Activate the white text layer, press the right arrow once or twice, then press the down arrow once or twice.

9. Gaussian Blur at Radius 1 or 2 any layer that needs it. 

Note: The size of your text and the desired strength of the effect, dictate how many pixels the black and white layers need to be moved and at what radius to blur each layer.


To emboss without plugins:

The same method can be used to emboss text, only move the white and black layers in the opposite way.


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