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Art I make on Paint.net


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Hello Everyone,

Today is the first day I'm in the forum and I'll show arts I made in Paint.NET, it's effects and plugins.

Right now I've mixed layers, crystalization and the plugin PolyGlitch and the results are really interesting, the first art I'm showing was the first time I've made it.

I needed to make a smaller version of it (OG:800x1000), so here is a link for the original version: https://twitter.com/YumeMonkey/status/1318248163124367362


I have more arts like this, but will post more of them later, hope you guys like this and react to it, I think this effect mix was never tried (specially in other softwares) :-)



signing out for some hours


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Thanks barbieq25,

I've been trying more things with this software, like for example, manga pages :-D

I'm not a good artist, only a hobbyist, but I believe maybe this program could make awesome pages thanks to the brush fill properties, it has percentage to make shadows more interesting without any other color than black.


Unfortunately, the preview doesn't make it justice because I needed to make a smaller version, but manga hobbyists could probably try this to start training the art to make their online manga for free.

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Welcome @DRM.EXE.  Your first art post is a very interesting style.  She looks mysterious and ghostly.


Great job!  😉

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It seems everyone liked the Ms. White Mask effects, so let's show more examples, I have a lot of them, but they don't work as well as White Mask because their design isn't ghostly, but I feel this one it's the mark:


[Original Size]: https://twitter.com/YumeMonkey/status/1308907552101535745

- Basically, I put the original drawing in png or jpeg to make sure the layers are mixed properly, then I use Polyglitch's 3Displace function, x=3 on red, x=-3 on green, y=-3 on blue.

- The blue and yellow shadows happened because I used 40% in the brush fill properties I showed with the manga in black, then the 3Displace moves the black and it mixes the values of the number I chose and the value of the white or skin color.

- This time in front of the character's color, I put the bubbles effect to give a more abstract effect, it kind of worked :-)


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This is going to be my last reply on this topic, by showing my Newgrounds account, here shows my drawing (that are all done Paint.NET) and my other accounts that I use to show my art in other social medias and a youtube channel to show stuff I like.

Have fun and stay cool: https://dreammare.newgrounds.com


( I'll still talk if somebody asks me something of course, so if you are interested in a specific art, just ask :) )

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