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Make "Canvas Size" sticky (suggestion)

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"Canvas Size" is one of the features I use quite often. What really bothers me about it is the fact that I have to click "OK" to perform the resizing and that this leads to the closing of the dialogue window. IMHO it would be helpful if there was a button to perform the resizing while keeping the dialogue window open. I know that Ctrl+Shift+R will open this window again, but unfortunately the screenshot tool I use uses this shortcut, too.

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Sorry, but you'll need to reconfigure your screenshot tool.


I recommend using the built-in Windows 10 "Snip & Sketch" which uses WinKey + Shift + S. It's actually really good.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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Hi Rick,

thanks for your answer! Yes, I could reconfigure my screenshot tool (it is somewhat more powerful than the built-in Windows tool). But there are other situations, too, where I need "Canvas Resize" several times with the same picture to do small adjustments, and then I would love to have an "Apply" button. Or see the adjustments on the fly and apply them only when clicking "OK".

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