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Paint.net Odd crash report


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I have a bit of an odd crash report to report. I create a webcomic and I notice that if I leave the program running for a certain amount of time, it crashes. For example, if I go eat and leave it on for a bit, it crashes. I see the select icon and then it just goes off. When it crashes, the files I am working on do not get the save prompt. I am running the newest version of the software: Version 4.2.14 (Beta


The odd thing is that if I work on it continuously, it doesn't crash. But, if I leave it alone it does.


I checked to see what errors I was getting and attached is the image.


Please help if you can. Thanks in advance!




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Can you post the crash log? You can find them easily using the link label at the bottom of the Settings > Diagnostics tab.


Settings: Diagnostics

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I believe I've fixed this in the final release of 4.2.14. It seemed to be triggerable by leaving a selection active for awhile, possibly after scrolling and drawing. The animation for the selection was causing an inefficient data structure to be built, which eventually results in a stack overflow and termination of the process -- no crash log is created for this, it's just assassinated.


However, please let me know if it happens again (after installing the update), and I'll look into it



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