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Need help sorting out FileType folder and Effect folder for plug-ins!

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I've tried to install 5 plug-in packs and I think I did most of it correctly, but a few things appear "off". I was encouraged to post here with images. Two of the packs came with installers so I know those were done correctly. I'm unsure of the rest. Could someone look these over and let me know if anything needs to be switched to the other folder. Thanks for any and all help!! ~Laura

PS - Apparently I'll have to post each image separately. Each file is under 256 KB but there are two!

Paint.net_Effects folder.jpg

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Hi @LSDesigns Welcome to the Forum
You were wise to think something was Off.
All *.XML files that you have in C:\Program Files\paint.net\Effects belong in C:\Program Files\paint.net\Shapes
All the files you have in C:\Program Files\paint.net\FileTypes can be moved into C:\Program Files\paint.net\Effects with one exception "AnimGIF.DLL"

Let us know how it goes. :)


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Thank you, @AndrewDavid! I've made all of the moved changes you request except one. I left the "Photoshop" plug-in file within FileType. This plug-in now allows me to open .psd files, at least to a limited capacity. I design ebook/print covers and have been using older software since the turn of the century! Currently I'm using PrintShop 23.1 for the bulk of my design work then I used Paint.NET and FotoSketcher when needed. Gimp is the very devil to figure out....but I'd love to just to have a program that will give me more options on text. The request I get the most is for a metalic-looking text, no matter the font. My PrintShop can't do this. I have PrintShop 2.0, but it's very limited in what it can do, nothing even close to my 23.1 version. Over the years I've learned to manipulate the images using my software and it's served me well. I've even won a few contests with it! But I do love the Paint.NET layout and now it will have even more design tools and options for me to discover! I'm very excited about the possibilities. *g* I'm attaching an ebook cover I did recently. It's getting lots of positive comments on Facebook. The girl at the top started off as a black and white image. I had to use multiple layering to get this one just right. *g*


Geoffrey Pease_Sisterhood of the Underworld_thumbnail.jpg

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6 hours ago, LSDesigns said:

The request I get the most is for a metalic-looking text, no matter the font.


If you have my plugin pack installed, which I see you do, look at this plugin:




After rendering your text, then apply a shadow using Effects > Object > Object Shadow...





Click to play:
Download: BoltBait's Plugin Pack | CodeLab | and how about a Computer Dominos Game

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So, I guess it was already installed with the pack you offered. I located it and was able to do this in just a few minutes. I'm on vacation in about 2 weeks and I'm going to spend the entire time messing with this!!! So awesome!! Thank you so very much for this! See below....


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^ That's really elegant! :star:

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