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Suggestion for change to selection tools

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I think it might be better if the selection tools followed the "Finish" model of the some other tools, such as Shape.


What I propose is that instead of being different selection modes, such as Replace, Union, etc., there would be different ways of finishing the selection. When the selection was made, it would be separate from the existing selection, and would be editable, as if in the Move Selection tool. To finish the selection and merge it with the current selection, the user would click one of the Finish buttons, which would consist of the usual merge choices of Replace, Union, and so on.


The advantage is that selections would be easily editable, without having to switch to the Move Selection tool. I find I nearly always have to edit rectangular and elliptical selections. Also, with the current method, unless the Merge Mode is Replace, it isn't possible to edit the new selection separately, as a rectangle or ellipse.


The main disadvantage I can see -- besides requiring a few additional mouse-movements and clicks for simple selections -- is that the current and new selection would need to be indicated differently during the period after the new selection was created but before it was merged, so they could be told apart. That might be complicated and perhaps confusing.

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Done (your second post - zapped).

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