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How do I add "lighting" to this picture?

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@DBME Graphics....you could also do this:


add new layer, set blending mode to Color Dodge, select color 160,160,160, select paint brush - hardness 0% at about 150 to 200 px and simply highlight your areas.

You can then adjust the opacity for the brightness you desire.




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Another way:
Set primary color to the shine color you want, then make it about 3/4 transparent (1/2 also works)
Set secondary color to invisible (transparent)
Set gradient type to radial, and make gradients where you want it to shine on a new layer
Optional: Go to the bottom layer, select the transparent part on global mode, go to the top layer, and hit delete, this makes the shine only on the text rather than on the background too.
(also make sure the gradient is small so it wont go all over the place)

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