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onion skin upgrade

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Hi guys, since onion skin is about showing the previous or next frame, is it possible to upgrade it and get AI to create instead a completed image for you for the previous or next frame? That is, without you creating it yourself. The AI will just get the hint from your original design and take it from there to create what would be possible movements for the previous or next frames. If you input 6 frame animation, the AI will try to come up with 5 best possible movements based on your initial image.

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Hello @aseasease I'm afraid that paint.net does not have that capability.


1 hour ago, ReMake said:

What software are you talking about?


I think it's like this: https://marionettestudio.com/animate-easier-using-onion-skinning/


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I was hoping it could be added on effects. It’s like, I created a character on an idle pose, then when I click the upgraded onion skin (next), instead of showing an image which I had drawn, the AI will show me an image THE AI ITSELF CREATED or “suggested” is a reasonable next frame based on the generic character movements…I mean, 6 frames, 3 frames, 8 frames, usually have generic poses or movements, so that’s where the AI would base its suggestions.

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There is nothing like the available for paint.net. If you want to create such a plugin yourself there are many excellent resources in the Plugin Developers forum.

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