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Suggestion: Add custom shaped cut tool (select tool)

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We can create different shapes but I have not seen many graphics program offering a different shapes cut tool. I would love a rounded rectangle cut shape, or a heart. You know, basically the same shapes you have when creating a shape but this time as a cut option with the same custom properties like corner radius size etc...


**edit: I'll just add to this because I forgot to mention that the option to cut WITH anti-aliased borders would make it the ultimate cut tool. A nice rounded cut tool with AA or not like normal shapes have but this time, to cut out.


This would eliminate the circle and square selection tools and merge them into one, shaped selection tool. I posted a little collage as a sample in the attachements.


And NO, I am not talking about adding a plugin but having that integrated as part of the Vanilla Paint.Net app. Just in case some would want to say that a pluggin may already exist.


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Added AA precision
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  1. Draw your shape, filled to a new layer
  2. Select the shape with the magic wand
  3. Activate the layer where you want to cut from
  4. Press delete

You can also save the selection geometry from step 2 for reuse. Check this out:


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8 hours ago, MJW said:

The disadvantage of that is that it will result in a jaggy selection.


Yup. Probably should have mentioned feathering the edge or AA's assistant.

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