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Layers & Pixels: 2 identical Layers look different when combined

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Greetings and Thanks.


Please see attached.


Layer 2 is a copy of Layer 1 and they look identical when one or the other is turned on.

But when both Layers are turned on, then the pixels get darker as if the shade/color of the individual pixels are doubling up.

I assume this has to do with the Antialiasing setting, but my brain does not compute.  Can you please tell me why this is happening?  Details in attached.


Also, can you please recommend a YouTube tutorial on understanding Antialiasing?  I keep losing image quality and don't know why.


Thank you,

Dave the Newbie

Layers and Pixels Conundrum.png

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Your semi-transparent areas are being added together. Consider: looking through a pair of sunglasses while you're wearing another identical pair - things get darker when looking through both 😀

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