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I made this Kirby with Paint .NET


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I have to clarify I am not an artist, can't barely draw for life on paper and if you are a trained artist will probably notice lot of "issues" with the use of light, I made a Kirby because it can be done with very basic shapes (still struggle to got something I liked), so I could focus on what I wanted to try out (blending modes, select tools, hardness of tools) and recognizable due form-colors, and everybody loves Kirby.


I made it (along other 2 images) just to try out the tools of Paint. NET and at the end I think it went good enough considering my art skills, hope you like it or let me know what I may try to do better for the next time.


On image ttitle (imgur) you will find link to YT vide of making this Kirby with pure Paint .NET



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add image preview from external link, description (motivation and some background of myself)
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  • devfail changed the title to I made this Kirby with Paint .NET

He's cute. Good job.  Welcome to the forum @devfail.


You'll get better the more you use Paint.Net.  I can't find any fault with it.  🙂


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