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How do I remove the turntable and background from this image?

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So I have this 360 degree view from Carvana's website (and all of the other views too except I'm not posting that right now) and I want to remove the turntable and background from these views.I want it replaced with transparency in Paint.net. The magic tool did not work as it sometimes didn't select the parts I wanted or it selected the parts I didn't want.


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27 minutes ago, welshblue said:

You could use https://www.remove.bg/


And then this tutorial due to the small nature of the image after resize (unless you subscribe)



I prefer the second method but only cos I don't really get the first way 

 Thanks for this online method, it produced insane results, but I think I'm gonna give it a pass because it shrinks the image down when you use it, and you have to pay to keep it original. But I don't wanna spend my precious money to remove a background on multiple images :(

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16 minutes ago, welshblue said:


Copy the image from remove background to a new image


Resize it to the dimensions of the original (I think it was 1000 x 562)


Copy it to clipboard


Switch to the larger original image


Effects >>> Object >>> Paste Alpha >>> Keep everything default except change to Alpha Channel on Clipboard option. (2nd dropdown menu) Et Voila


Look for BoltBait's pack.  Paste Alpha is in there

Wow! These results are way better than the old results.



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Moan to them? You posted five posts about this issue with someone else's website. It has nothing to do with paint.net.



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