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Change canvas size using the mouse

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  • Rick Brewster changed the title to Change canvas size using the mouse

Please make sure your posts aren't just titled with your user name. That hinders forum organization and navigation.


I've edited the title to be more informative.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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On 9/24/2020 at 4:57 PM, LoudSilence said:

This would be annoying if you changed the size on accident. Not to mention, it would be hard to get an exact size.

Hi there, thanks for your reply. However, if you change the size by accident then surely you'd jjust click the "undo" button. Also, I'm not saying to do away with the current method, I'm suggesting adding the mouse method as an addition.



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On 9/24/2020 at 5:52 PM, RikTrik said:

I was wondering whether you could add the ability to change canvas size using the mouse, I'm not very good at guessing how far across 852 pixels is.

Yes, this would be very useful for me too. 👍


Now, I usually double the sizes or add another 1000 pixels, just to get enough room. And then later "Crop to Selection" to get the desired size.

With this suggestion, it would simplify this process.

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This is the number one reason i used MSPAINT. I want to resize canvas fast using mouse. I just bought this app at Microsoft STORE hoping this is an alternative to MSPaint only to find out that it can't do the Number ONE function from MSPaint. I tried several times may i just can't see the handles but sadly it does not have this function. I tried to get a refund from Microsoft store but it was not allowed. Too bad..

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5 hours ago, sroot said:

This is the number one reason i used MSPAINT.


In my mind, this is even easier in Paint.NET:


Use a selection tool: :Selection: to select the part you want to keep.


Press the crop button: :ImageCrop:




HOWEVER, if you want it to feel like MSPAINT, do it this way:


Press Ctrl-A to select the entire canvas.


Use the move selection tool: :MoveSelectionTool: to adjust the size of the selection just like you would in MSPAINT.


Press the crop button: :ImageCrop: to finalize the size of your canvas.

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