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cant fill anything in pain pls help

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I am using pain for mapping. and i am right now working on a war in france but now i opend the project again and i cant fill anything because for example a area which i painted complety red is now still red but divided into very fine pixels so if i would try to fill the area with another color only one pixel gets filled. i hope you understand . its hard to explain and english is not my best language. here a a screenshot so you understand i hope:


when i saved it yesterday, it wasnt divided in this fine pixels. so if i now try to fill a area only one little pixel gets filled. how can i fix this bug. i cant start again. i invested so much time already

 pls help. thanks


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The texture shown in your image looks to me like the colour "Fill" option has been changed to "Percent 10" or "Small Confetti" rather than "Solid Colour".


 If I have understood what you want to do ie. return each area to one colour without texture I think all you have to do is switch the colour "Fill" to Solid colour with 50% Tolerance.



Also make sure if you are using Layers that you choose the correct layer for the area you wish to fill.



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