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Star trek text 'tracer' effect?

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I don't think Trails will do it, since it won't converge.  Vanishing Trails is closer, but as it is now, very close spacing leads to not much fading, even at maximum fade. I may have to think about whether there's some reasonably easy way to provide the option of greater transparency.


What works fairly well is to duplicate the image into a new lower layer, reduce the opacity in the new layer quite a bit with BoltBait's Transparency adjustment, then run Vanishing Trails on that. The upper layer makes the first level text full opaque, while the lower layer provides the quickly-fading trail. Some of the effects in the original image would be hard for a plugin to do automatically. Perhaps using BoltBait's Paste Alpha plugin to modulate the lower layer's alpha with some Cloud pattern before applying Vanishing Trials might produce something similar (or perhaps it wouldn't).

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Theoretically, a transformation from rectangular projection to regular, filter value in between, then transform right back could do the job. Here's the problem, it is computationally intensive if you want to minimize on data loss. I have already made codes to do this, so this thing will be feasible.

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Here's my try:




I made the text on it's own layer, then duplicated that layer.


Next, on the middle text layer, I applied a render of clouds to it to give the text more variance.


NOTE: I had to copy the alpha from the text layer back to the middle text layer as the Clouds render lost my alpha.


Then, I used Point Blur (as others have used above) to make the trails.  This looked good, but I didn't think it was prominent enough, so I duplicated the layer and merged down the duplicate into the copy.  You can then adjust the alpha of the trail layer to taste. 


Finally, I added a simple starfield to the black background by adding noise (settings shown above).  I highlighted a one quarter of the starfield and stretched it to fill the entire image, then repeated the add noise effect.  This gave me stars of various sizes.


OK, this isn't a perfect simulation of the original, but it's a quick hack that's probably close enough for whatever you're doing.


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