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airbrush, don't understand download

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I've followed the forum showing that the best airbrush plugin was from unsedhonda. I installed the brush mini and saw that the files need to be a dll to be put in the system.

the file downloaded as a png. I tried using the creation tool to make the brush but I cant understand to go anywhere from there. 

sorry if this is simple as I'm not bright at all with computer stuff.


much thanks,

The Brougham Gamer

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Hi @The Brougham Gamer


I see you got your information from reading this thread


You need to read the entire thread and try to follow the instructions carefully. To call it an Airbrush is incorrect. It is a custom brush that can be loaded once you have this plugin installed


Keep in mind that the "airbrush" is actually a PNG file that is loaded into the plugin that resembles an airbrush. 

Hope this helps :)

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Removed reference to CustomBrushMini



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