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Does not look like its been rotated; maybe I'm misunderstanding but I can not see any difference except the canvas size.


What are you actually trying to do? If it is that you want to cut and paste the two halves then you should copy it into a second layer and use the Layers > Flip Horizontal tool. You'd need to expand the canvas size too.


If basic rotation is what you were trying to do; with an image like this having a transparent background I'd simply draw a selection box around the subject matter and using the 'Move Selected Pixels'. Position the cursor near one corner of the selected area and click/hold the left mouse button.


You should get a hand gripping a short curved line with an arrow at either end. This is the rotational tool and you simply move the mouse to rotate the selected area and image within about its centre.


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I know that, and the canvas is big enough already. I've tried it, but the result is not the same. Just, it seems like the first image is, not sure how to describe it, "side-rotated", that's kind of what I want to do. XD

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