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Broken copy and paste

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Whenever i use CTRL+A and then do CTRL+C to copy the image, although the image copies, it does not stay the original size the image was ex: I copy a 1000x1000 pixel image, and when i paste it it becomes 600x600, this can be annoying for images taht have small contents, such as small text. (I am pasting these images into the social media platform "Discord" if this is just a problem with the 3rd party program, and not PDN, please just tell me that (with a notification if you can please.. i normally forget about the post when i don't get a notification)

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15 minutes ago, LoudSilence said:

if this is just a problem with the 3rd party program, and not PDN


It is exactly this.


Paint.NET is placing the properly sized graphic on the clipboard.  It is Discord that is changing it.


You can verify this by going into Paint.NET, copy a bitmap and then go into MS Paint and paste it.  Compare the size.  I think you'll find that they are the same.

Click to play:
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