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Remove shadows and replace with consistent background?

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Hey everyone


Have searched for ages and couldn't find an answer to this so hoping someone can help!

I'm completely new to this, having new used any type of design/editing tools before.


I'm trying to edit an image and would like to remove the shadows and replace that part with what the rest of the background looks like so it looks seamless.


I tried using clone stamp but for some reason the colour is coming out much brighter than the rest of the image and does not match?!

I turned opacity down and attempted to use the eraser to try and lighten a bit but it didn't really work.


Ideally I just need to brush over the shadow areas to make them lighter, or to lasso and delete the areas and refill with background the blends in.


I've attached a picture which shows some of the shadows i'm trying to remove plus what it looks like when I attempt to clone stamp. 


Any help would be much appreciated!

clone stamp example1.PNG

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