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@AdamWhite, you did a nice job creating the star height map, even with the artifacts, which come about because of the low precision of black-and-white height maps.


Besides the Texture Smoother, another way to create smooth height maps is to create them as 24-bit maps with the Texture Merger.


Here is an example created with the Texture Merger, along with a plugin called Angled Gradient.




(I must admit, it took quite a bit of effort to figure out how to make the star; which is a difficulty with using the Texture Merger to make objects like this. However, with a little careful thought, there's usually a way. I don't know how AdamWhite produced the height map he shaded, but I would think the same approach could probably be modified to use the Texture Merger.)


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Many thanks @lynxster4 and @Djisves and @Ego Eram Reputo  Silly me, I had meant to send it to the Texture Shader thread 😬 Those gremlins again :mrgreen:


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