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Outputting text into a property field

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I'm trying to write a plugin that analyzes the pixels and extracts some data from them, and then reports that data somehow. For the sake of discussion, let's just say that I want to calculate the average color of all the pixels and then show the name of that color in English. (This isn't actually what I want my plugin to do, but it's easier to explain.) Ideally, when you select the plugin from the Effects menu, the effect dialog would open and it would have a "Run" button or something. Clicking that button would run the analysis and output the color name into a text field in the effect dialog. I know neither how to make the button nor how to update the text shown in a text field in the effect dialog. Are these things that can be done with a CodeLab plugin?


Here's a mock-up of what I'm talking about. Note that there's no "OK" button, since this plugin doesn't actually do anything to any pixels in the image; I definitely don't mind having an OK button in addition to the Run button, if I can't get rid of it, but it's not necessary for what I'm trying to do.


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3 minutes ago, Modus Ponens said:

Are these things that can be done with a CodeLab plugin?


No. You'll need to make a custom WinForms dialog if you want to do that kind of stuff.


Luckily, there are templates available:


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Excellent, thanks so much. In the post you linked me to, you listed six plugin types. Based on what I have described, can you recommend which of these I should use? I don't really know what all of them are, but I kind of have the vague intuition that I'm making a "PropertyBasedEffect" (the plugin I actually want to make does have two integer properties it will use in its computation).

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36 minutes ago, Modus Ponens said:

Now I just need to figure out why Windows Form Designer is so heinously busted.


I too have issues with the designer. Here's what I can suggest:

  • Put the designer window on your primary monitor if using more than one.
  • Reset the system DPI scaling to 100%
  • Delete the OBJ folder for the project prior to (re)building it.
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