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Steam as an additional purchase location

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I would like to purchase Paint.net since I have used it for many years and love its simple learning curve/easy to understand interface but I have had quite a few issues with the Microsoft store over its lifetime and would feel much more confident in purchasing on Steam. Though Steam is primarily a storefront for purchasing computer games it also features a number of software titles including Krita, Aseprite, and DisplayFusion. The one (mitigable) downside I can think of is the increased percentage of revenue that goes to the storefront. Valve takes a 30% cut of most sales made through the Steam store while Microsoft currently takes a 15% cut of sales. This difference can be mitigated however by selling a no-fee "Steam key" on the getpaint website via the Humble Widget (focused on distribution of steam keys, takes 5% cut after payment processing and taxes) or a PayPal Button (standard PayPal fees afaik). I look forward to an official response and thank you for the years of updates!

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