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Steam as an additional purchase location

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I would like to purchase Paint.net since I have used it for many years and love its simple learning curve/easy to understand interface but I have had quite a few issues with the Microsoft store over its lifetime and would feel much more confident in purchasing on Steam. Though Steam is primarily a storefront for purchasing computer games it also features a number of software titles including Krita, Aseprite, and DisplayFusion. The one (mitigable) downside I can think of is the increased percentage of revenue that goes to the storefront. Valve takes a 30% cut of most sales made through the Steam store while Microsoft currently takes a 15% cut of sales. This difference can be mitigated however by selling a no-fee "Steam key" on the getpaint website via the Humble Widget (focused on distribution of steam keys, takes 5% cut after payment processing and taxes) or a PayPal Button (standard PayPal fees afaik). I look forward to an official response and thank you for the years of updates!

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I agree with A Clay Goat!

Steam would bring so manny opportunitys for increasing the the userbase and generating revenue!

I have been using Paint.net for years now and and would realy would like to buy it on steam and use the gift system on steam to buy it for my friends and family!

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