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Resize and crop photos using my mouse like in MSPaint?

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Hey, I used MSPaint a lot for working on coding projects and recently switched over to Paint.net and have enjoyed the feature improvement over MSPaint a lot. However, the only issue I have is not knowing how to crop and resize images using my mouse like I can in MSPaint. For example, I take a screenshot and paste it into Paint.net then use a corner dragger/nob to resize the image and crop it pixel-by-pixel. Just wondering if this is possible in any way. Any help would be appreciated.


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8 hours ago, BoltBait said:

Then click the Crop tool


Or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift+X. (Which I don't do, but thought I'd mention it in case @schmobbing prefers that sort of thing.


PDN's method of handling cropping by doing it in conjunction with selections rather than as a separate feature is, I think, an excellent design decision.

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45 minutes ago, schmobbing said:

This kind of works how I want it to, but I'm expecting more of a per-pixel function and am just wondering if it's remotely possible to use my mouse so I can get pixel perfect cropping. Thanks.


Can't you just use the Move Selection Tool to adjust the selection before cropping? The location and size of the selection rectangle are displayed in the lower-left area of the window. You can always zoom in, if you really need the precision. I guess I don't quite grasp the concept of "pixel-perfect cropping."


Also, you can use the Image>Canvas Size command to specify exact sizes. Perhaps that's closer to what you want. For instance, if you want to remove one pixel row from the top of the canvas, set the anchor position to the bottom, and decrease the height by one.

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