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Usability issue re: placement of prompts inside paint.net

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When using Paint.net each time you manipulate the image, a dialog box (?) or prompt appears asking whether or not to proceed.

This is fine, but it would really be nice if the prompt could appear elsewhere on the screen rather than the center smack dab on top of the image being altered.

Is it possible to alter a program default and make prompts open say in one of the corners rather than right in the middle of the program?

If it is, being able to do this would be a godsend for smaller images, which are frequently entirely covered up by the prompt.

In a couple hours of image design, I can literally have to move the "prompt" out of the way well over a 100 times.

Now I know that this is the way prompts/dialog boxes appear in all windows programs, but when doing graphic design, the repeated need to move them in short periods of time makes it far more annoying and tedious than in other types of software.

Of course, I'm asking, because I'm hoping that it isn't a fixed unalterable setting that is part of the Windows OS.

The screenshot I included is an example of the issue. In case what I wrote isn't clear for some.



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I have to agree. Positioning persistence for dialog windows would be a wonderful feature. Why not add your request to this thread for "settings" viewtopic.php?p=205290#p205290? [edit]Done - viewtopic.php?p=208474#p208474[/edit]

Simon, I believe, has a bugged keyboard. It's happened to me before. Either than, or he's had one too many cold ones...
No no no. He's just sitting more to the left than normal. See how he has transposed "I" for "O" in "other" and "S" for "A" in "hand"? :lol:
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Just a note that I've filed a bug to look into this for version 4.

To me it makes sense to start by implementing something that borrows from some stuff I've seen in Mac OS X. Namely, that a modal dialog can be opened "top-justified" -- it would be horizontally centered to its parent, but vertically it would be at the top of its parent (although below the title bar).

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Excellent news :!:

Thanks Rick.

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