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I would like to know if Plugin which I'm looking for exists

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The one that can make segmental curve out of images and change it's shape like Curve Tool. As an example, I want to make a chain, like in image below. I've actually seen some Forum Posts with Plugins yesterday, but they aren't really what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance!


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Hello @pdner and Welcome to the forum :)


You could make your own chain, if you want, and here is a tutorial:



If you want to curve out of an image, you may want to try the Waves Plugin.

Also, but a tad more complicated, you could have a chain image on a transparent layer, running diagonally, and then run the Shape 3D Plugin at default.


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That would be a cool plugin, but I don't believe anything like that currently exists. Even if it did, it might not produce the desired result for your chain example. It seems like it would have to keep the individual links straight, while still bending the chain. Also (and relatedly), if you start with a straight chain, all the intersections occur at the ends of the links. For a bent chain, they occur towards the sides. I doubt any reasonable plugin could handle that. Nevertheless, it's an interesting idea for a plugin.

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