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Vanishing Trails


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5 hours ago, welshblue said:

Is it possible (coding wise) to have an option to keep only the Trailed part.  ie.  A check box to not keep the original object ? 

Example below, solid main object, not so opaque trail = just keep the transparentish object


It should be. I'll take a look at doing that.

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6 hours ago, welshblue said:

No worries if it can't be done,  I just thought it would be a nice bit of arsenal with an already great plugin


It turned out to be easy to do, and will be in the next release, which will be soon.


(Before I release a new version, I first want to look more closely at the spacing adjustment, which I think I might be able to make more logical.)

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I've released a new version, 1.1.


The changes are:

The addition of a feature requested by @welshblue to optionally eliminate the original object, keeping only the trail.

A modification in the Spacing Adjustment that makes the the values more meaningful. Generally 0 should be used for 2D objects parallel to the screen; 1 should be used for 3D objects. (With the vanishing point consistent with the apparent perspective of the object.) Choices other than 0 and 1 are provided for flexibility.

The are some minor, and I hope mostly invisible,  changes to the Fade and Perspective control functions.

I also disabled the Spacing Adjustment control when Perspective is 0 (a parallel projection) since the way it works now, it has no effect.

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I'm releasing version 2.0 of Vanishing Trails. It has two enhancements.  First, I expanded the range of fade profiles from 0 to 1 to -1 to 2. This isn't just dialing it up to 11 -- 0 is still linear, and 1 is still exponential; the values below 0 and above 1 produce profiles that fade slower initially than linear, and faster initially than exponential. Second, I added a Trail Transparency Adjustment to increase the trail transparency. Previously, when the object copies were very closely spaced, the trail was almost opaque, even with maximum fading. The new control allows the transparency to be decreased. Among other uses, the two controls are useful for producing "zooming" text effects.

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