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copy and paste problem

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I'm new to this program and having the same issue as OP. However, the first time I tried to copy something from one pic to another, it worked. I just selected what I wanted copied, copy, and then went to the other pic, and pasted.  I might have chosen "copy to a new layer", can't remember. Voila. But when doing this a second time, I get a transparent selection.  Won't work.



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So, I understand that I can save any creations I make in other formats, e.g. jpg.  I tried that and found that I could not open it as a picture. Is this due to layering? What is the point of having it in jpg form if one cannot open it using some picture software e.g. google photos, windows photo app?


What do I need to do to be able to open as a jpg and see the edits (layering) I made?



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Jpgs don't support layers or transparency. When you save as a jpg you're getting a single (combined) layer without any transparent areas.


If you want to preserve the layer structure, save the image as a PDN file first, then use File > Save As to resave it as a jpg.


When saving as any type do not type in the file extension. Select it from the list with the mouse.

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