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Drop shadow for TEXT

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The easiest way to do it is to make sure you've installed my plugin pack (link in signature).


Then, type your text on it's own layer and run the Effects > Object > Outline effect to put an outline around your text.


Then, run the Effects > Object > Shadow effect to put in a drop shadow.


Of course, if you have my plugin pack installed, you can look at Effects > Text Formations > Creative Text Pro




Effects > Text Formations > Outlined / Gradient text.



Hope this helps!


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Not instead of those very useful plugins, which I use often, but as additional techniques:-


Another simple way of doing the same sort of things is just duplicate the text in two transparent layers, the lower layer in black or whatever colour you want, then shifting it left/right/up/down to taste.


If you use Blur > Unfocus or other blur type on the lower 'shadow' layer you can create a range of different, shadow and outline effects too.


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