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PDN Shapes in Inkscape?

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5 minutes ago, Frustratedwithregistration said:

Does anyone know if these shapes can be used in Inkscape?


Short answer: No.


Long answer: Yes, if you use a text editor to manually convert the files to .SVG.

It's a very simple conversion; just copy the Geometry from the XAML file into a SVG file.

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12 minutes ago, Frustratedwithregistration said:

Thanks. a text editor? like notepad++ or SublimeText?


Yes to both. Any text/code editor.


12 minutes ago, Frustratedwithregistration said:

also what does 'copy the geometry' mean? you mean the code?


Well, not all the code, just the Geometry portion. It should make sense once you have the XAML file and the SVG file open side-by-side.

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Thanks. It hasn't worked for me (it won't open in inkscape) and I wonder if I need to keep any of the bits before the word 'geometry' like any of this:


<ps:SimpleGeometryShape xmlns="clr-namespace:PaintDotNet.UI.Media;assembly=PaintDotNet.Framework"
                        DisplayName=="10-Scallop Mat"

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2 minutes ago, Frustratedwithregistration said:

I wonder if I need to keep any of the bits before the word 'geometry' like any of this:


Like I said, just the Geometry gets transferred to the SVG.


Here's an example:

    Geometry="M 50,50 L 450,50
<svg height="500" viewBox="0 0 500 500" width="500" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg">
    <path d="M 50,50 L 450,50" fill="none" stroke="#000" stroke-width="1.0"/>


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The reason I haven't responded is because I do not understand any of it. Inkscape didn't open it but thanks for your time.


This is the geometry for that shape and this isn't all of it. I had to cut it down. I just don't see how that can be transferred to the<svg height=. etc.>... </svg>


Geometry="M 357.75,248 C 361.73,247.26,365.7,246.51,374.63,244.75,383.55,242.99,397.42,240.2,409.25,238,421.08,235.8,430.85,234.17,439,233,447.15,231.83,453.66,231.11,464.5,230.75,475.34,230.39,490.5,230.38,502.25,230.75,514,231.12,522.35,231.87,530.75,232.5,539.15,233.13,547.6,233.64,555.25,234.25,562.9,234.86,569.76,235.56,574.75,236,579.74,236.44,582.88,236.64,585,237,587.12,237.36,588.22,237.9,588.75,239.25,589.28,240.6,589.24,242.75,589.25,246.5,589.26,250.25,589.33,255.58,589.25,260.25,589.17,264.92,588.95,268.92,588.5,271.75,588.05,274.58,587.37,276.26,586.75,277.5,586.13,278.74,585.56,279.56,584.25,280.25,582.94,280.94,580.88,281.51,579,283.5,577.12,285.49,575.41,288.92,573.75,293,572.09,297.08,570.49,301.83,569,307.25,567.51,312.67,566.12,318.76,564,326.75,561.88,334.74,559.02,344.64,556.75,352.5,554.48,360.36,552.8,366.2,550.25,372,547.7,377.8,544.26,383.56,540.5,387.75,536.74,391.94,532.64,394.55,527.25,397.5,521.86,400.45,515.16,403.75,508,406.25,500.84,408.75,493.21,410.44,486.75,411.75,480.29,413.06,474.99,413.99,468,414.5,461.01,415.01,452.32,415.1,445,414.75,437.68,414.4,431.74,413.6,425,412.5,418.26,411.4,410.71,409.99,402.75,406.75,394.79,403.51,386.42,398.43,379.25,392.5,372.08,386.57,366.13,379.78,361.75,373.75,357.37,367.72,354.58,362.45,351.5,356.5,348.42,350.55,345.06,343.91,342.25,337.25,339.44,330.59,337.19,323.93,335.5,318.75,333.81,313.58,332.68,309.89,330.75,307,328.82,304.11,326.11,302,322.75,300.5,319.39,299,315.4,298.12,311.25,298.25,307.1,298.38,302.81,299.52,299.5,301.25,296.19,302.98,293.86,305.29,291.5,310.75,

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Height and width are the bounds of the shape. Try using numbers slightly larger than the largest of the coordinates. Set the Viewbox dmensions the same way. Paste the rest into the Path string.

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