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.Net Framework Version?

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When I clicked Generate VS Solution, it generates a vs solution targeting .Net Framework 4.7.0 it appears.


On my machine I currently have:

4.61 (and below)





Do I need to target 4.7 version of .Net Framework? I can install that version if needed.


And bonus question, if it should be a different thread I will move it, but someone, possibly BoltBait mentioned I need to learn about some type of Paint.Net pointer that I could pass to my library, so I don't have to take the pixels updated in my library, and then loop over them in paint.Net to apply them.


If you know of the class name let me know.


Thank you, 

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Paint.NET currently targets v4.7.0, so it's usually best for plugins to target that same version.

You can technically target a newer version, but then an end-user might have to install another .NET Runtime if they only have v4.7.0 installed.

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You only need 1 of those installed, generally just the latest. I think 4.x frameworks always replace earlier versions, they aren't "side-by-side" capable. I could be wrong though, it's been awhile since I poked around in that corner of the dungeon.

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