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Loading a colour palette

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Would it be possible to have support for loading and saving a colour palette added to paint.net? I currently spend a lot of time modding some sprite based games and they need to have a certain palette loaded to accomplish this. Currently the only way to do this is by using photoshop to go into indexed colour mode and load either a *.acm or *.pal colour palette file. If I could do this in paint.net it would great as Photoshop is really slow and my 30 trial is about to run out.

Also another cool feature would be the ability to add textures such as a canvas print onto the picture, which I currently have to do by editing the file in Art Weaver (freeware app) and then finishing up in Paint.NET

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The functionality is already available- click here (http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/ColorsWindow.html) for more info.

Oh- in the future, try http://searchpaint.net before asking your question. :-) You'll get quicker and more complete answers that way.


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Thanks, buts that's not quite what I'm looking for. I need a way to apply the the colour palette to the image so that the colours are replaced with their nearest equivalent from a 256 indexed colour palette. The Standard file formats are either a *.pal or an *.acm file to store the colour information but I can make one in paint.net's *.txt format easily enough.

Sorry for the confusion but its not just a list of colours I can easily select but rather a limit on what colours can be included in the image. Much like a gif file can only be 256 colours the acm file will tell the gif what those 256 can be, any colour outside this range will need to be substituted to the nearest equivalent.


Similar to using the "Posterize" Adjustment but using a predefined set up colours to limit the picture too.

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