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border around an image

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I am creating a project... I know how to put a border around text and an image. My problem is that it is

my image is a wordle in the shape of a letter F it is saving as a jeg but the words are not grouped together...... I have tried so many ways.

I do not know enough about pictures and layers... I had thought if I layered it with another F in another layer it would create a border...

I would appreciate your help!

I am not sure if saturation is a problem...

i tried to delete background and use edge detect..?? 

I tried the outline tool... 

I really do not know what I am doing....


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I don't know if I understood exactly what you want...


Your image has a white background. To outline the letter F with text in it, you need to remove the background.
To do this, choose the Magic Wand tool and set the Tolerance to zero.
Click in the white area outside of the F then Cut.
You can now use the Outline Object plugin.



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That's pretty much what I was going to suggest as when I tried Outline plugin even if I'd adjusted the tolerance of the Magic Wand it didn't lead to a clean enough cut out for my liking in this case so I was going to try that sort of thing ^ but thought it might be over-complicated for the OP so didn't post that idea.


That Add Union function mentioned: is it a plugin or a setting, if the latter, where?  




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1 hour ago, IHaveNoName said:

That Add Union function mentioned: is it a plugin or a setting, if the latter, where?  


It is one of the selection modes in the toolbar, see https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/SelectionTools.html#13.

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Plugin Pack | PSFilterPdn | Content Aware Fill | G'MICPaint Shop Pro Filetype | RAW Filetype | WebP Filetype

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thank you.... 

It has been working!

I have a new question when I do curved letters I am getting a bleeding on the outline... little dots and zig zags...

should i change the tolerance I had it at 0

when I go to save the new image to my computer it asks for quality what value do I put ... I wanted to post the image but it says it is too large...

Thank You I apologize I am not as savvy as I would like to be on this.... 

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