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Is it possible to do this in PDN?

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When you want to select a color on PDN, you can use the Magic Wand Tool, select continuous or global mode, set tolerancy, etc. With tolerance at 0, global mode and pixelated selection (no smooth edges), when you select a specific color (let's say #FF0000, red), PDN will select every pixel of your image with that HEX value. By using the add mode, PDN selects every pixel of my image with the first HEX value, and the new one (let's say #0026FF, blue).

Problem is, to do that I have to click on a pixel with that color. That doesn't sound like much, but what I need to do is select every pixel of my image with MANY DIFFERENT HEXs values. So I need to click on 8 pixels, each with their own color, for PDN to select every pixel that has that same color in my image.
To do what I want, I would need to manually click THOUSANDS of times for PDN to select every pixel that has that same colors I clicked in my image. That would take forever to do.

I want to know if you know a way for me to do that under a relative short amount of time (maybe a plugin of some sorts). I know every single HEX value that I need to select on my image, so I don't need to click on a pixel with that color.

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Hello @KarlosGeek - welcome to the forum :)


Sounds like you're doing it hard. I'm convinced there will be an easier way (like using the magic wand tolerance to select a wider range of hues).


Are you willing to share the image you're working on (remember this is a family friendly forum)?

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I have the perfect companion site for Paint.Net that makes doing what you are talking about easy, if I understand your question correctly.



A free online text based image editor.


In this image, if you want to select only the red areas of the arrow:


This text here will swap the red and blue pixels:


Set Swap Red Blue
RedMinDifference > 30


RedMinDifference is a property where you take the value for Red and subtract the minimum value of Red Green or Blue, and the red areas will be above 30.


You could even go further:

Red = 224

Blue = 17

Green = 42


Or the property I use the most is called Total, which is the sum of Red + Green + Blue, and you can use this value in queries.









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If I understand what the OP tried to explain... think he needs a selection tool much like the Magic Wand only instead of clicking on the image to select, the user can input hex values and all pixels of that exact value will be selected. I think this may be a nice addition to the selection tools.


@KarlosGeek, instead of a selection, you can achieve what you need using colour plugins, like for example Color Range and Cut Color. These two allow for setting RGB values. I don't know of any that allow for setting hex values, but it may be worth your while to do a search using the Plugin Index.


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