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Hello. I like to hand-write in comments on different images in paint.net. I'm using a Gaomon tablet and the paint.net version I'm using is 4.2.12.


Has anyone experienced the following glitch when writing?:

paint.net auto inserts lines in my writing, connecting different parts of what I write together with a straight or diagonal line. For instance, if I write the number "4" really slowly, it comes out ok (my 4's are not triangular like this font, they're an L with a vertical line on the right side). If I write it at normal speed, paint.net connects the top to pieces of the 4 turning it into a 9. The same with handwriting -- writing "the" works if very slow, but the top of the "h" and the top of the "t" get connected if writing at normal speed. So when writing a normal sentence...it often comes out a mess! I have no issues whatsoever when writing in powerpoint or MS paint using the same tablet -- only with paint.net.  


Any suggestions? thanks in advance...



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Hello @luda and welcome to the forum :)


I'm afraid, at this time, that Paint.net is not set up for tablet sensitivity but, I believe this will one day be available 🙂


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