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Huion Kamvas Pro 13 Doesn't Work with certain Sketches

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Hello! I have a few multilayered sketches I'm trying to work with. When opening a new file, drawing with the pen tool works fine. However, when loading already created canvases with many layers and rasters, the pen tool doesn't respond whenever I draw in the image.


I believe this is a memory issue, but I can't be certain because the image is not taking up that much ram. It's 1280 x 960 pixels with roughly 10 layers, mostly blank.


If it it indeed a memory issue, and/or the scratch disks are full, how do I flush them? I don't mind getting rid of the undo histories, but the layers need to stay. Also, I can also draw with a mouse tool in those images, just not with the pen tool.

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Generally, in Paint.NET when a user tries to draw and nothing can be seen, it is one of these issues:


  • Make sure you're drawing inside the active selection. Or, press Ctrl+D to deselect before trying to draw.
  • Make sure the layer you're trying to draw on is selected in the layer window.
  • If you're not drawing on the top layer, make sure what you're drawing is not being covered by the graphic on a higher layer.
  • Make sure you have selected a color to draw with that isn't completely transparent.


If all of that is OK... there could be some more obscure reasons you don't see anything:


  • Your canvas is visually scaled to less than 100% and the line you're trying to draw is too thin to be visible at that resolution.
  • Your current layer's blend mode is affecting your markings making them invisible.
  • You're drawing the a color over the top of the same color.
  • You're using the eraser instead of the pencil/paint brush tool.
  • You're not actually using Paint.NET, but some other graphics program that sux.


However, in your case, I'm not sure The Huion Kamvas is compatible with Paint.NET as it is not mentioned on their web site and Paint.NET does not have built-in support for drawing tablets.

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