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Creating a diagonal line pattern with a repeating array of colours

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I've spent the last three days looking through paint.net's functions as well as several plugins, many of which allow for the creation of diagonal parallel lines. While this is *almost* what I'm looking for, I am hoping to find a function somewhere that would allow me to

  1. create a pattern consisting of diagonal sections, where
  2. the width of these sections can be adjusted, and
  3. each section is filled according to a repeating preset array of colours,
  4. the size of which can be freely adjusted.



(Three examples of what I would want to do, done by hand)


I've tried to use Martin Osieka's Parallel lines and Patterns and jsonchiu's Diagonal Lines, but I just couldn't find an option to fill these lines wiith more than tow colours when creating.


Now I don't feel like this would be an overly complicated function, so worries me that I wasn't able to find anything so far, either due to it not existing, or perhaps more likely, me being somewhat blind.


Can base paint.net do this using a combination of functions? If not, is there a plugin that can? Am I really just blind?

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