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Dust scatter Help

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Another method:


Create a "sharp" version of the dust pattern by, for example, drawing it with the paint brush with a large brush size.

Blur it, to soften the edges.

Run Distort>Frosted Glass. Setting the Smoothness to 0 produces more distinct particles.

Frosted Glass can be repeated for different results.

Depending on the desired effect, run Blur>Fragment with a high Fragment Count.

Also, perhaps run Distort>Dents.


Obviously there are lots of variations. It is useful to produce sever layers with somewhat different methods, for more variety.


Another method, is to produce the blurred dust pattern on a transparent layer, but instead of using Frosted Glass, do the following:

Add a black layer.

Add Noise.

Copy this layer to the clipboard. (and make the layer invisible so as to not be distracting).

On the dust layer, run BoltBait's Paste Alpha plugin, replacing alpha with the product of the clipboard and canvas alphas (Multiply) and using shades of gray for the clipboard alpha.

This produces larger particles, which can be used in conjunction with the finer particles produced by Frosted Glass on another layer.

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