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Scaling an image for printing

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I long had no difficulty scaling an image to a desired size for printing.  Dragging an image corner even kept the initial aspect ratio.  But suddenly something has shifted and the printed image is always full-page no matter what resize settings I've commanded. 


Print/image scaling should be quite a simple procedure in paintnet but I've diligently searched settings to find my problem, to no avail, finding involved and exotic suggestions, for example, such as applying plug-ins.  That shouldn't be necessary.   The instruction for this basic task shouldn't be obscure nor require tricks.  It worked easily, intuitively for me as a naive beginner but now it's hidden in complexity.


I'd much appreciate any constructive directions or suggestions from the knowledgeable..     --Oldster

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Knowledgeable, toe-head. Thanks. 


However, not very useful cook-book-style to an amateur.  Proper settings are surely in the app but are hard to find and apply.  There's a tutorial on the subject but it moves much too rapidly with erratic flying pointers and provides no explanatory dialog.  Oh, If Microsoft hadn't abandoned their excellent Digital Image Suite.  In it Smart Erase and Blending led even the vaunted Photoshop.

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