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Feature Suggestion: Shortcut key for "Layer Property"

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I love using Paint.net because I think it is one of the most practical image editing software currently available, and thanks you Rick for all your work.


I was thinking to a suggestion, because I'm using Paint.net as a compulsive layer user, why not making, if possible and never asked before (I swear, I checked before writting this but I can be blinded, that's happen me so many times...), a key such as F2, a shortcut to "Layer Property" ?

Why F2 ? Because "Layer Property" is, in my opinion, in the first place usefull to rename them and F2 is actually the universal shortcut for "rename" (and it could permit to rename a layer just using F2 > [Typping name] > Enter)

I was thinking too to use the keys "Page Up" and "Page Down" to switch from a layer to another but it is actually used to getting up or down the image, I don't know if it's very usefull, or a menu page could permit to customize them ? I'm thinking I ask a lot of features but I try to help 😅.


In all case, thanks you again for this wonderful software !

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Hi @Masstock - welcome to the forum :)


2 hours ago, Masstock said:

(and it could permit to rename a layer just using F2 > [Typping name] > Enter)


As Rick said, press F4 and start typing ;)


You can find a heap more shortcuts here: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/KeyboardMouseCommands.html

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