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Outline object *and* drop shadow plug-in?

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In changing computers recently, my plug-ins didn't make the migration.  There was one that included both outline object and drop shadow, which I feel like had a feather or a circle icon next to it in the drop-down.  (Isn't it amazing how many times you can look at a thing and not pay attention?)  Does anyone know which pack has both of those?  I've found packs with one or the other.



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Outline Object is in Bolltbait's plugin pack.


Drop Shadow is in Kris Vandermotten's plugin pack.


The reason I think you mention the feather icon is because in the PDN menu > Object menu Drop Shadow is alphabetically listed right above Boltbait's Feather Object. His Old Feather, in the same plugin pack, is also listed just above Outline Object and uses a very similar menu icon to Drop Shadow. 


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