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Problems with transparency

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Hello I'm pretty new to paint.net and I'm just playing around with tools and learning how they work but every time I make a background layer, let's say a beach, and I add a new layer and paste a picture (png) of a tree with¬†a transparent background, it still shows up with the checkered wall behind it. I've read previous forums on this and watched youtube videos but for the life of me I can't fix it. I'd really appreciate some help ūüôā¬†

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8 hours ago, FreshHex said:

Nevermind I figured it out :D

Hi @FreshHex   Good to hear that you got that problem fixed. Any chance of you sharing the way that you fixed it?


Sounds as if you were downloading an image showing a chequerboard background  but described as 'transparent.png'. Plenty of them out there. If in doubt   >right click the image>copy image  andCTRL+ALT+V into Paint.Net to be sure that it is transparent... and get to know Paint.Net's distinctive chequerboard background.

Removed a carat for clarity
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