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Feature Suggestion: Changing the Ellipse Tool

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Thanks again Rick for your great work.


I have a problem that I regularly face. If I'm trying to select a person's head, I naturally start the click-and-drag on the edge of their head. The current way to draw an ellipse is to define the bounding box:



The current method requires me to use the Move Selection tool to select the person's head.


For me, a more natural way is the following (defining the centre of circle to be the middle of the click-and-drag line, and the diameter of the circle to be the length of that line):





I suppose the same goes for a few other tools (maybe even all of select/draw tools for consistency's sake).


What are everyone's thoughts?

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Try this: left click & drag. Now keep the left button down & also hold down the right mouse button = moves the selection. ;)


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Ah that's much better. Thanks.


I didn't think my suggestion through properly anyway: It would only work for circles, not ellipses in general. But there may be a few ways to make the suggestion sensible. For example, rather than the first click defining the bounding box, you could have it define the point on the ellipse's circumference that's in the centre of the ellipse's leftmost point and the uppermost point (assuming your click-and-drag line goes down and to the right).

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