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Tiles: how to do that properly?

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Hi folks!

As a newbie in this forum, I come with a very basic question that apparently has been asked many times, I tried the several plugins suggested for the case but all of them failed (mostly because I didn't understand how to use them properly).

My problem is the following:

I have an empty background canvas of 4096 x 4096 (let's say); I have a seamless picture as big as 1024x1024 representing asphalt; I add a layer with this 1024x1024. I would like to repeat this picture in the full canvas, so that I get eventually 16 tiles, each as big as 1024x1024, to cover the full background.

How can I do that? 

The only thing I succeded so far has been to extend by hand the size of the 1024x1024 layer up to 4096x4096, dilating the picture, then layers/zoom. Although this method seems fine, it becomes very inconvenient in the moment I have a background as large as 10000x10000 or even larger. 

And I already tried the Aavkard plugin but without any success.

Is there any suggestion? 

Thanks in advance!


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