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Mike Ryan's Plugins

An Oversized dose of mediocre plugins ftw! :P


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I decided to go ahead and jump on the bandwagon

with this one and publish all of my plugins, including any future updates,

in one big package of plugins. These plugins are mainly Alpha Level Utilites

for removing particular levels of color for color correction. Many of these

are inspired by case to case circumstances in which I needed the particular

effect during my own photography editing times. I hope these plugins are of

some use to you and if not then I guess it wouldn't be too bad to have them

lying around in your submenus :lol:


Submenu: Effects -> Object

Alias is a multipurpose tool originally created to remove any transparent

pixels from an object before applying BoltBait's very powerful 'Feather'

plugin as Feather was causing distorted results when applied to already

existing antialiasing

Color Trimming

Submenu: Effects -> Color

Color Trimming is used for color correction in photographs when too much

of a particular color is present on the applied image. It will remove a

defined range of that particular color allowing for more vibrant colors to

be displayed with in the image.

Input to Output

Submenu: Adjustments

Input to Output allows you to adjust the value of one color channel (The

input) by the value of another channel (the output). Very useful for making

alpha masks, removing color, etc.

Brightness/ Darkness to Alpha

Submenu: Effects -> Color

This is an old plugin of mine whose functionality is useless compared to a

Tanel plugin however its simple user interface can still make this plugin

useful. It allows you to remove dark or bright parts of an image and turn

them into Alpha.

Invert Alpha

Submenu: Adjustments

Similar to Invert Colors, this plugin inverts the Alpha channel.

About Silhouette Plus

Submenu: Effects -> Color

Silhouette converts the entire canvas into your selected color while

preserving the alpha levels of each pixel. As well, you can also specify an

alpha range in which to silhouette. This is usefull for object manipulation

and for testing the transparency of the canvas is particular areas.

Please read the included License Agreement found in the included Readme.txt file

Some visual icons (Alias, Color Trimming, and Input to Output) are credited to Max Power

Mike Ryan's Plugins.zip


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I have been recieving some PMs lately regarding some issues with some plugins. As previously stated I will no longer support plugins. If time allows it, I will try to iron out those bugs but until then please do not contact me for support about these plugins. Instead, post them in this thread and I will try to keep up to date. Thanks!


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What - you've never applied Color Timming? :lol:

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I'll flag them as such in the next release of the Plugin Index.

I take it that 'not supported' means they might not work in a later release of Paint.Net and you don't intend to fix them if they break?

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