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What I see is NOT what I get

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In 'My Pictures' folder in my computer, I loaded some 40 or so photos of various items to go on eBay and they're on view as thumbnails. I start off by taking perhaps 4 or 5 of each subject and then I reject the worst and edit the best.

So I then, as usual, went to Paint.NET to edit some of them.

But having edited three, I found, to my horror that the thumbnail pictures I see in 'My Pictures' are not the same as the stored ones.

For example, Picture 1 shows a dartboard. But when I click on it to bring it up, lo and behold, it’s a Mathmos colour-changing light (which is photos 27 – 31)

Picture 8 shows a train set, but when I bring that up it’s a Polaroid camera (photos 32 – 37).

Picture 16 is a selection of watches. When I bring that up the train set that is photos 8 – 12 appears.

What on earth is happening?

Why have the photos been mixed up?

This isn’t the first time it’s happened and in the past I’ve put up with it but this time it’s a major shuffling of my photos which will cost me a lot of time and effort if I have to re-photo everything.

It puts me off using Paint.NET altogether.

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Greetings souwesterly.

This is a known issue, and one that has been addressed before. A workaround to this temporary problem ('temporary' in terms that a fix will eventually come, around the 4.xx series) is to:

- Open the image;

- select all (Ctrl + A);

- copy (Ctrl + C);

- paste to a new canvas (Ctrl + Alt + V);

- save (Ctrl + S).

The thumbnail will be updated as a result.

As for the large-scale reshuffling, this is a new symptom. It begs the question to whether this is entirely Paint.NET's fault... Regardless, the above solution will set you on the right road again.

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Thanks for that…glad it’s not just me! :D

I managed to return the rightful pictures to their places, simply by renaming them, of all things!

They’d been stored initially as Picture 001, Picture 002, etc.

As soon as I renamed them “Train Set” or “Dart Board”, the correct pictures reappeared.

I could presumably have named them 1 or 2 or 3 and sorted it out….so I live and learn.

Most strange! :?

Anyway, Paint.NET is an excellent tool despite that strange glitch – and one which I really don’t use enough.

Nice to find your forum and your helpful and quick response. :)

And ‘no’ – I don’t blame your system for everything! :lol:


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