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I keep getting lockups for 10 to 30 seconds MSI GV63

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windows 10 64bit, on a 2nd display running..

doesnt seem to matter what im running with program, but paint.net is my fav tool

and its randomly locking up for up to 30seconds I believe I can show it on a live stream 

I did where it happens if allowed to post .  it seems to record voice and video mouse still

but unable to run task manager to see whats happening.. 

but I will try to capture using some tools that log background activations at some point

when I get more time.. its minor just annoying. not crash.. but when trying to use

the curves+ and hangs you can lose your fine adjustment point.



Ive disabled layers and even discord and happens.. so its not that

ive update windows and drivers.


Im suspecting its driver bug on this low end MSI gaming laptop.


cheers Paul 

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If it's a "low end" laptop then maybe you just don't have enough RAM for the images that you're trying to work with. Virtual memory paging could definitely cause 10-30 second hiccups.

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No its not that.. its 6 cores. 12 threads. 16GB

and 5gb is generally free..


its actually gotten worse since I did a windows update

it happens even when Im not pushing the laptop

like not doing a live show with it.


randomly happens.. Ive tried the tweaks with

GPU control panel.. using Itels or using nvidia


and Ive tried unticking the GPU hardware option

in paint.


its got a SSD .. and I think temp and all that is using



but I see no way to tell it to use something else in the settings?


pagefile Is going to SSD.. its managed by windows

so that should be fast. although some switch that

to the 2nd HD in the laptop cos of wear and tear?

it says max is 12gb. recommend dimmed is 3gb

abouts cos win10 is managing it.


its some bug somewhere.. when it happens cpu

is maxed and nothing will click or launch until its

over. gen 1min or less. 


I think the old version I had never did it.. almost

ready to roll back to 1+ year old version. version 3.x

I think. just wonder if I can reinstall it to a new fold

to retest without stuffing up the current one installed.



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I don't think it's a bug in Paint.NET. You're the only one reporting this problem. Just because you have an SSD doesn't mean paging isn't the problem. SSDs are a lot faster than HDDs but they're still immensely slower than regular RAM. That's why paging is always bad. Just because you have 5GB "free" and you're opening a "small" image, doesn't mean memory isn't an issue. JPEGs in particular can decompress to very large amounts of RAM.


It will depend a lot on the size of the images you're working with -- the size in pixels that is. You have to look in Task Manager to see how much memory Paint.NET is using. Don't just look at "Memory (active private working set)", but add the column called "Commit Size". That tells you how much total memory each process has allocated, not just how much is resident in physical memory.



The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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well the last update. made the problem come back.. it could be a plugin issue?

I used curves+ most of the time for my analysis of swapping out colours


the update before last one was no problem though

did you undo something that could affect graphic processing at all?

or win10 issue or msi issue. but why was it flawless 2 updates back


need a roll back to previous build option to check 


I could assign to my ramdisc if there was a option.. then could

bypass ssd temp files for a ramdisc.  

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