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Hide a phrase or image to be discovered using red (or any other color) filter.

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Hello, I need your help and skills :) .

I would like to hide some words or a shape like in this video (I am trying to keep busy some kids with a game, I will print and hide the messages all over the house and let the kids read the messages with a red filter). But I would like to do it inside Paint.net.  I copied the code to CodeLab but it did not work. I tried using Pixelate, adding Noise, playing with layers but I have had no luck.


This is the video: 




This is the site where I found  the code:


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I love the idea of hidden messages. 😀


Do your kids have phones? (Rhetorical) Have you considered hiding QR codes around the house?




Chuck in a couple of these to mix things up



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