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unkown1832_11a0 artwork (open source, vector based, questionable, 2k-10k)


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making bad simple drawings with this holy program

mainly fan art, almost furaffinity trash, all open source with layers of beziers forming curvy women


i make a @!#& ton of l%$d and suggestive art though, and im guessing that wont be welcome here, which very much narrows down all the (minimal) safe for work i made, so heres just a select few and some cropped to only show safer details, and keeping previews small


forewarning that project files are quite big (500KB-20MB)



(this one i finished drawing today, in fact)




(R15+) src

(two girls' paired bodies)



(art for owner of char

who commissioned others

for giveaway themed art so i

made some for them)

src (20mb) / downscaled src (2.5mb)





mascot of an image board


src, src (wallpaper-esque)



(R18+, not linking src)
(girl bumps into someone)

(R15+ featureless version exists on my site)



(R15+) src


the blue fox is someone else's character, and i can admit that i draw her a lot


wont try to throw around too many links since there is some stank where i go


i was also looking up if this is was something niche being in the community i am and making art this way

there are some pictures ive seen on pixiv and other sites utilizing the program, but certainly not many that grade as japanese clip studio level quality with shading, lighting, etc, including mine


i might come back to this post to update with more images ill draw soon that are safer and cutesy r*#$%^ed to view

also since we're on the topic of paint.net and art, i have plans to draw paint.net-tan soon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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