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Does anyone know/have a fix for when images get pixelated or distorted? I created an image in paint.net and everything looked good. Then when I saved it as a JPEG and I opened it, it was distorted/pixelated. Thanks in advance for your help. 


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This window should pop up before saving. Try changing the settings on the left. putting the quality slider to 100 and chroma subsampling to 4:4:4, will give you the best quality, but a big file size



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1 hour ago, slamb8310 said:

Then when I saved it as a JPEG and I opened it, it was distorted/pixelated. 


Use PNG if you want to preserve image quality when saving.


JPEG is a lossy format, it discards some of the image data during compression.

Even the Best Quality setting will reduce the image quality.


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